Milling & Grinding

Our three experienced crews are ready to set up your next project for success with milling, grinding and asphalt removal services. Whether you need cross sloping, planing, widening or full-depth removal, we can handle it. Best of all, grindings can often be recycled as a part of our hot mix asphalt production process, providing your project with an environmentally-friendly edge.

Our high-tech equipment can mill at different widths and save time by removing larger sections in smaller amounts of time. Contact us to request a quote and learn how working with The Gerken Companies can streamline your next project.

Our milling and grinding equipment includes:

  • Roadtec RX500
  • Wirtgen 2000
  • Wirtgen 1900 combo head mills
  • Water trucks and lowboys
  • Loader booms
  • Skidsteer mini-grinders
  • Barco mill
  • Vermeer saws