Decorative Asphalt

Function. Durability. Beauty. It’s all possible with decorative asphalt. More affordable than concrete, pavers and other options, decorative asphalt can be used for roadways, crosswalks or any paved area.

The benefits of decorative asphalt extend beyond beauty. We offer options that qualify for LEED credits for solar reflectivity, which reduces the heat island effect in urban areas. Best of all, we can recommend products that offer enhanced safety for cyclers, pedestrians and drivers through the use of bright colors, lane markings and upgraded traction.

We use the latest thermoplastics and epoxy coatings to ensure durability and lasting beauty. Some of our product lines and options include:

  • StreetPrint: imprinted and colored
  • DuraTherm: inlayed patterns
  • TrafficPatternsXD: imprinted, laminated and infused
  • Street Bond SR & Street Bond CL

Contact us to discover how decorative asphalt can increase beauty and performance on your next paving project.