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    Companies & Locations

    Gerken Paving, Inc.
    Gerken Materials, Inc.

    9-072 CR 424
    Napoleon, OH 43545
    Phone: 419.533.7701
    Fax: 419.533.6393

    Gerken Leasing Company, LTD
    Roadway Services, Inc.

    9-051 CR 424
    Napoleon, OH 43545
    Phone: 419.533.7807

    Bluffton Paving, Inc.
    The Bluffton Stone Company

    310 Quarry Drive
    PO Box 26
    Bluffton, OH 45817
    Phone: 419.358.6941
    Fax: 419.358.8247

    Bluffton Paving, Inc.
    911 Wardhill Ave.
    Lima, OH 43805

    The Custar Stone Company
    24920 Portage Rd.
    Custar, OH 43511
    Phone: 419.669.2925

    Glacial Sand & Stone
    1600 East Chicago Rd.
    Jonesville, MI 49250
    Phone: 517.849.7575

    Hillsdale Sand & Gravel
    11671 South Tripp Rd.
    Waldron, MI 49299
    Phone: 517.567.4406

    Round Lake Sand & Gravel
    9958 Round Lake Hwy
    Addison, MI 49220
    Phone: 517.467.4458

    West Millgrove Stone Company
    6126 Main St.
    West Millgrove, OH 43467
    Phone: 419.288.2790

    M&R Ready Mix, Inc.
    521 Commercial St.
    PO Box 53038
    Pettisville, OH 43553
    Phone: 419-445-7771