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Going Electric: How the Adoption of EV’s Will Effect Funding for Road Construction

Introduction Since the revenue act of 1932, the US federal government has used taxes placed on gasoline to pay for the development and maintenance of roads in the US. Since then, states have also adopted their various forms of taxation, which pay for the infrastructure cost of maintaining our highways. As technology and efficiency continue [...]

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Acquiring Concrete: Expanding into New Industries

Introduction For years, concrete was known as a dirty word in the asphalt business. This is because concrete has the potential to be a material used when paving a road - creating competition between the two materials. Despite this, almost all of the road work in northwest Ohio utilizes asphalt, which allows these two versatile [...]

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National Work Zone Awareness & Construction Safety Week: Prioritizing the Lives of Our Essential Workers

Imagine horns honking, people yelling and gesturing to you from the inside of their vehicles, and cars blowing past you at 55+ mph. Now multiply this by hundreds of instances over an 8 to 12 hour day for an entire workweek. This is the life of a road construction worker - especially so for a [...]

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The American Roadway: History of Asphalt Pavement and Our Country’s Highway Infrastructure

One could argue that the story of the American Road is more the story of the American automobile. In the early 1900s, automobiles became more and more popular among American citizens seeking freedom of transportation. In the early days of the automobile, most roads were still relatively crude. It is safe to say that the [...]

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The Ohio Turnpike: Working at Night to Maintain One of Ohio’s Major Roadways

Introduction and Brief History of The Ohio Turnpike The Ohio Turnpike is a 241-mile highway that runs East and West along the state's northern corridor. Officially named James W. Shocknessy Ohio Turnpike, this highway provides direct linkage between Chicago in the West and Pittsburgh in the East. Many travelers use it as the fastest and [...]

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Staying Strong in The Wake of COVID-19: The Necessity of Americas Infrastructure and the Road Construction Industry

https://youtu.be/YbsBg1-3Rxo Implications of COVID-19: How Road Work Stays Strong One of the many implications of covid-19 has been a general lack of work for many people, especially in the lower-income labor force. "The unemployment rate jumped in April 2020 to a level not seen since the 1930s — and still stood at 6.3 percent in [...]

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Obtaining a CDL and Becoming a Truck Driver – Path to an In Demand Job with Great Pay!

Truck drivers are an essential part of the American economy as a whole. Transportation is a vital element that often goes overlooked, and without it, many businesses would cease to function. These drivers fulfill the logistics of how products and materials and other physical goods get from point A to point B. The sheer number [...]

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Many Job Options in the Heavy Highway Construction Industry. What Position Fits You?

When someone thinks of road construction, they typically envision a crew working around a paver and some flaggers directing traffic. But did you know that there are well over 50 different job positions here at Gerkens that all coordinate the planning, production, and execution of building a new road? Last post we touched on some [...]

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Solid Job Right out of Highschool: Great Opportunity Without a Degree

It used to be in previous generations that if you weren't going to college right after high school, you did something wrong. Today, however, that isn't the case. With the current state of low unemployment and a strong economy despite COVID-19, it's easy to see why more young adults turn to the workforce right after [...]

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