Asphalt Paving

Gerken Paving, Inc., the foundation of The Gerken Companies, provides asphalt paving services for customers in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. Our paving and milling crews have nearly 50 years of experience and received a multiple Quality in Construction Awards from the National Asphalt Pavement Association. Along with local, dedicated and hardworking crews, we maintain a fleet of DOT-certified paving equipment and machinery to successfully meet each project’s individual specifications.

Paving the Way to Success

Complete Services, Complete Convenience

We can help streamline your project by providing milling & grinding and construction crews to handle everything from road widening to drainage. Check out our complete list of services to learn more.

Improved Ride, Improved Safety

Our high-speed profiler provides a new dimension in quality control, resulting in a better ride experience and a higher-quality end product. Drivers will also experience next-level safety thanks to the Federal Highway Administration’s “Safety Edge” pavement treatment. Our shoulder wedge maker can be mounted directly to the paver to lessen the edge drop-off, resulting in fewer crashes and safer roadways.

Want to work with one of the best paving crews in the area? Collaborate with Gerken Paving, Inc. on your next project. Request a quote today.